Legitimacy was Re: Ross Ulbricht got 2xLife+40 for a Harmless Website

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Sat Jul 3 15:46:51 PDT 2021

On Sat, Jul 3, 2021, 6:23 PM grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:

> > differentiate between "democracy" and "making decisions with
> > friends" ?
> The latter is a discrete self contained set of persons all
> voluntarily entering into on a thing whose only force is
> contained entirely within and upon themselves,
> not upon any outside non voluntarily agreeing parties.

I infer it's important to have the choice of not being in it, if it doesn't
work for you.  I didn't previously assume that "democracy" implied not
having that.

This might not be the best link, but I'm used to using this phrase:
https://newtechusa.net/the-law-of-two-feet/ .  You state it more strongly,
which is good.

The fact that they murder you for not doing what they say,
> directly proves the abject complete and total invalidity
> of such nonvoluntary "democracy".

Some people would cry to finally hear this, although they might not all be
thinking of democracy at the time.

> That's not inclusive, man.  That's not what the word means.  That's
> slavery or war.
> That is what the word, as enforced by the woke mobs of
> today means... being murdered for not conforming to their
> idea of "inclusivity", while not harming anyone else.
> People have the voluntary right to be noninclusive as
> regards among themselves, so long as not initiating
> aggression in outward direction towards others.

I guess another word could help sometimes.  " welcoming"?  "all-respectful"

This basic idea:  Everybody who's impacted by anything at all gets full say
as much as anyone else.  Even if you don't want to include other people!

> separate government (laws) and indentured serfdom (money/other power)?
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indenture
> Government its laws and people are forcing
> themselves upon and murdering etc you involuntarily.
> Indenture is a contract voluntarily agreed by you.

Mm I learned that word wrong.  I learned it the historical way, where it
was often hereditary.

Of course if you're aware of no other options it's not very voluntary,
people sometimes get pretty creative when everything is at stake.

What about wealthy people paying private militaries to establish a
"government" of sorts enforced by mercenaries?

I'm not trying to push politics on you, feel free to push back.  (Quoting
this would help me remember to let it happen.)

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