Legitimacy was Re: Ross Ulbricht got 2xLife+40 for a Harmless Website

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 15:21:40 PDT 2021

> differentiate between "democracy" and "making decisions with
> friends" ?

The latter is a discrete self contained set of persons all
voluntarily entering into on a thing whose only force is
contained entirely within and upon themselves,
not upon any outside non voluntarily agreeing parties.

"Democracy" and all "governments" as they exist everywhere
in the world today, is absolutely not voluntarily entered into
by at least 50% or whatever mechanism of its subject humans.
It is a brutally deadly willful force applied by the "majority"
against all others, saved from "genocide" only by grace or
fear of cornered animal response revolt... thus you get just
enough murders used as oppression tactic against minority
for profit of the majority.
You... who have never harmed anyone and or wish to
live free and left the fuck alone... must comply
with their orders, or die. Murder, that is what these
nonvoluntary democracy and governments are.
That is always a wrong.
As are those who praise and practice it.
You have no such rights of murder thievery etc over others.

Nor does being born into a murderous shithole country,
or murderous shit religion, or murderous shit government,
obligate you or anyone to comply follow or do anything
that it and its murderers say.

The fact that they murder you for not doing what they say,
directly proves the abject complete and total invalidity
of such nonvoluntary "democracy".

It's quite sad.
Better to stop doing and participating in that murder system,
to get rid of it, for it always turn, and you become minority.

> That's not inclusive, man.  That's not what the word means.  That's slavery or war.

That is what the word, as enforced by the woke mobs of
today means... being murdered for not conforming to their
idea of "inclusivity", while not harming anyone else.
People have the voluntary right to be noninclusive as
regards among themselves, so long as not initiating
aggression in outward direction towards others.

> separate government (laws) and indentured serfdom (money/other power)?


Government its laws and people are forcing
themselves upon and murdering etc you involuntarily.

Indenture is a contract voluntarily agreed by you.

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