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Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 11:29:57 PDT 2021

>         Please state CLEARLY what fake news the  'mainstream media' is
>> pushing regarding the FAKE PANDEMIC.
> I don't actually attend to the news much but this is clearly quite
> important to people like you.  You'd like more data on why COVID is such a
> big different deal.  I don't have that data, but I can try to worry about
> it more.  Seems China is related and like the tracks are still unfolding.

Maybe this can clear up a little:  medicine in general has always seemed
immature to me.  I think it's inhibited by profit interests, but everyone
has a different explanation.

When something's wrong, you go to the doctor, they listen to you, and
prescribe something that deals with yours symptoms and ignores the cause.
- they don't tell you how to live healthier
- they don't collate your data to add to studies
- they don't nourish your disease resistance, rather than reduce your
- they don't educate you or people in your community on treating such
things in the future

All of these points do the same thing.  People rely on doctors more.
People get less healthy and develop more diseases.  And more and more money
goes to people who make drugs.

I've had issues a lot over the course of my life, and very rarely has going
to a doctor helped my physical health.  What it does help is the anxiety of
my family when I am suffering.  It's very effective at that, but ends up
getting them to send you to doctors more.

Many, many people share this story.

But personally, I had an incredible immune system and really good personal
introspection, and then later in life I briefly studied wilderness living.
Before I was suddenly crippled by psychosis and a rare cancer, I had
repeatedly found that I could treat my own issues better than a doctor did,
because I could learn parts of their causes and paths a little bit by
exploring my experiences.

I never missed a day of school.

Western doctors don't care if you have some weird personal analysis.  They
follow their books and trainings.

So diseases seemed a sham to me.  When people hid from diseases, I had even
been taught in school that that is how you weaken your immune system.  It
sure is good at making everyone lonely, too.

There's also a big thing about the director of the FDA in the USA some time
ago losing their job because they started supporting natural medicine,
which happens to pharmacologically be a suitable free replacement for
pharmaceuticals in most (not all) situations.  Free, because not only can
you grow plants yourself, they grow wild everywhere.  They work quite
reliably.  There's a lot of counter-advertising around buying them overseas
(which is a pretty weird, inefficient, and popular thing to do), or using
them without proper knowledge.  It's true, most things in the universe can
be ineffective or dangerous if used without proper knowledge.

Anyway, when I hear the newspapers are telling everyone to lock their doors
and hide from each other, I figure it's just another big fear thing.
People get scared.  When they're scared, they spread the fear to keep each
other safe.

Nobody's always right.  And everything has a grain of truth.  Sometimes
those grains are big.  Sometimes they fight.  We don't need to fight, do we?
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