Slavery was Formally Abolished Today, Happy Freedom Day

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Fri Feb 5 21:40:53 PST 2021

Creating agorist or what have you communities, requires intention, networking in real life, and action and persistence over time.

The time to start is whenever you choose to start.

Folks want everything handed to them.  That's dysfunctional, so start with a better program, right now.

Robotics is coming - along with either UBI or some new concept which may even do away with that.

In the mean time, find actual real life folks you want to be around, and create something.

Or don't - but perhaps in that case don't complain...

There are folks all zinging and finding one another, collating all sorts of info - happening now, every moment on TG and elsewhere.  Find them.  Comm with them.

Create your world.

If any topic important to you is challenging, feel free to ask either publicly here or elsewhere, or on a e.g. TG group, or e.g. in "private" one on one with someone you feel may be useful to help you clarify your own thoughts, fears, whatever (e.g., you may email me any time, and most folks in my experience are happy to 'chat' if you hit them up with an email - quite a few folks have helped me here and there, thank you, you know who you are... it always means a lot to me).

Here's a random question which arose in a conversation a couple weeks back:

   What is the "age of consent"?

   Initially it appears as a statute costructed by 'elected' 'officials', with social foundations 'apparently relevant to our general community/ society'.

   Is it actually the age of consent to adultery?
   (The traditional/biblical concept since time immemorial?)

   Is it also the age of consent to marriage?
   What about the concept consent to betrothal?

   Consent to sex inside marriage?

   Does overloading multiple concepts into one phrase, limit our very thoughts and therefore 'possible' conversations?

   Is it useful to our broader community to separate some of these concepts?

   Should we oppose Satanic child-torturing cannibals?

I tell you this: I'm ... hanging ... on Sunday's Superbowl puppy show…

Some people are just ... dying ... to be part of it.

Nothing quite like putting your ... neck out ... for Satan.

What goes around comes around, and I don't know the exact sequence of God's plan, but the Earth has been shaking here and there - something Biblical is literally afoot.

Any interesting phenomena you notice in the sky, whip out your phone camera and film it - sometimes your camera will pick up things just outside visible spectrum, plus you can zoom in after the fact.

Enjoy the show ;)

Good luck and God speed,

On Fri, Feb 05, 2021 at 02:53:18PM -0600, \0xDynamite wrote:
> Slavery isn't gone in America.  Everyone has to pay someone to live
> now, practically speaking.
> On Mon, Feb 1, 2021 at 2:50 PM Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
> >
> > Juan, you don't mean these things you say here.
> >
> > You don't have to say them in this thread.

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