Slavery was Formally Abolished Today, Happy Freedom Day

Karl gmkarl at
Thu Feb 4 13:51:37 PST 2021

> There are other human trafficking hotlines in the USA, both national
> and regional, although in some states they do not have a large
> presence.  I do not have other links at the moment, I'm afraid.

A bit late, but here is a list of international organisations that can
likely help around this:

Something to remember is that the people who work for these places
generally honestly and passionately want to help.  Just because
something looks like it is coerced or subverted does not mean help is
not present.  It just means they are still growing and understanding.

Regarding others on the list, I personally get confused when I try to
think about it rationally, and I don't really know for sure.  I hope
you are all well.

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