Death to the Tyranny of Von Mises and Pinochet

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Aug 29 22:18:38 PDT 2021

The anarchist-hating politics of Lunar-Rightwingnut Republicans manifests itself in episodes like the Dolfuss reign-of-terror in 30's Austria and Pinochet in Chile, more recently.

Certain Nazi-Fag-Moron losers here on this anarchist list seem to want to corrupt any gullible newcomers to their Randite-Paultard, Austro-Libertarian, Brownshit politics. 

They do this by preening, posing and posturing as ' American anarchists " ( Snerk! ) or ' " Natural-Rights anarchists " ( Jesus Fucking Christ! ) Frankly, if they can hook any black-flag, circle-A youth with such toxic-waste garbage they are welcome to them. 
Fewer anarchists but better ones because its cryptoanarchy NOT ' cyber-liberty ' or some such palmed-off crap.
Libertarian bitches leave - go lie down with your Fuhrer-figure #Mongo Scram.

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