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The chipmunk looked up at the wormhole nanite missiles being fired by borg
supersoldiers over her head.

It looked scary.

She pulled some leaves and hemlock cones over her hole and scurried back to
hide with her family.

"What are we going to do?" said little chipmunk to miss chipmunk.

"We can't act or even plan," advised miss chipmunk.  "They have military
time machines that would see the possibility ripples."


The chipmunk family were digging their hole deeper under a birch tree.  The
birch tree was part of a tree community that had grown on scattered chunks
of broken granite.  The granite left holes, where the roots had decided it
wasn't efficient to grow, but had still obstructed much dirt from falling

Deep under the granite stones and hemlock twigs, the chipmunk family set up
dinner.  When up sniffed a mouse who had found the area already.

"Hiding from the time borg?" asked the mouse, worried about the intruders.

"Would it be okay?  We had a hole just a way over from here.  We thought
you had moved on last season."

"I'm hiding too," the mouse sighed.  "I'm hiding, too."


Two mice and three chipmunks were sitting at a candelit dinner table deep

Along came a rodent-like creature with lego blocks for hands and fashion
models for eyes.

"Room for two m0re?" asked the creature.  "I n3ed to hyd from the."

 The mice and chipmunks were nowhere to be seen.
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