Time all Nazi-Fag-Morons left Mongostan

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Sat Aug 28 01:09:47 PDT 2021

Seems the last deadenders for Mongo's ' fork-in-the-road ' - the one where some hugely powerful entity somehow takes over the net - also cling to his discredited Austro-libertarian, douchebag-bowtie-anarchist form of fascism.  Mongo was a fascist, donchaknow - just ask Jacob Appelbaum, if you don't believe me. 

And Mongostan is poorly defended these days - its been a ' Crypto Winter ' for these losers ever since 2001.  Otherwise the web would be over-run with Randite, Paultard, Nazi-Fag-Moron, " Peaceful-Agorist ' sites by now.  They're 20 years late and 20 Btc short. 

Nocoins - no balls - no-brains - no-tactics - no-strategy - and no-hope - give it up faggots and let a real man handle this. Cryptoanarchism is for the intelligent, good-looking and virile.
Bitches leave - your contract is out - your lime-pit is dug. Scram. And don't let the door hit yr butt on the way out.

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