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> I'm currently sitting in an area outdoors with mosquitos.
> I don't know how to stay outdoors reliably without either (a) a break from the mosquitos or (b) willpower to influence my psychological and behavioral histamine response.

>hey Karl,
>i am traveling, so this is not signed - but the following advice for bugs:
- citronella candles for general deterrence.
- DEET spray or lotion for personal protection.

There was, presumably still is, a product called "Skin So Soft", which while not originally intended as a bug repellent, did so famously.
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>regarding allergies, i usually have to wear a mask outdoors now, my allergies have gotten so bad. :/

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I had terrible hay fever until 1980, when I moved to Oregon.  Went away for 30 years, returned in 2010.   I very much like and use both Cetirizine (generic Zyrtec), which can be had for about 4 cents per pill on Amazon.
I currently use Fexofenadine, because I bought many dozen bottles of 90, for $1 each many months ago.  It also works well.
I generally take 4 pills in the morning of these anti-allergy medicines.  

Common brands: Aller-ease, Aller-Fex, Wal-Fex Allergy
AntihistamineIt can treat hay fever symptoms. It can also treat chronic skin hives and itching.Brands: Aller-ease, Aller-Fex, Wal-Fex Allergy, Allergy Relief (fexofenadine), Allegra Allergy, Children's Wal-Fex, Children's Allergy Relief(fex), and Children's Allegra AllergyAvailability: Prescription sometimes neededPregnancy: Consult a doctorAlcohol: Avoid. Very serious interactions can occurDrug class: 2nd generation histamine h1 antagonist

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