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Mon Aug 23 22:14:23 PDT 2021

> Public Backlash Against Corona Tyranny Rising Faster and Harder now...

Expect much more global real fights now that US political
opportunists have sped up FDA Full Approval (just like they
delayed EUA approval announcement [to win election as
they say]), now forcing many tens of Millions of people to
lose their jobs for standing for their free choice, their rights,
and in rightful opposition against the brutal force of oppressive
governments now foisting and setting new precedent by means
of vax force, and soon abusing all those new false rationales
to extend such force all through the future against all manner
of free choice and freedom across all issues.

As in all of history, either you rise up against force,
or you end up getting fucked even more. Rise Up!

Some good people in places like Australia are trying
to fight back against force as best they know how...

Australian Truck Drivers Vow To Block Every Major Highway In Radical
Anti-Lockdown Strike

As Australians take to the streets to protest the country's lockdown
measures - most recently clashing with police over the weekend, Aussie
truck drivers are planning to shut down every major highway across the
country and have advised people to 'stock up on groceries.'

One driver, according to the Daily Mail, declared in a video that
truck drivers are 'planning to shut down the country' to 'remove the
shit government' on August 31 beginning at 9 a.m.

"It's on. The truckies are doing it. The truckies are going to shut
down the country," the man says, adding "What that means is you need
to go shopping now, get what you can for the next week or two, load
your fridge, freezers."

    He said supply chains would soon be interrupted and urged Aussies
to stock up on groceries to get them through the next couple of weeks.

    A GoFundMe page has since been launched to support the truckies
financially as they prepare to strike from 9am on Tuesday August 31,
which will involve 'blocking every highway entering into every state
at the same time'. -Daily Mail

According to the man, truck drivers have been in discussion with
people from around 'the world,' and have been working with war
veterans to carry out the protest.

"The truckies are in, the VETS are in, I'm in. I'm willing to go to
jail to save my country and children," said the man.

It is unknown how many truck drivers are involved in the
demonstration, however truck drivers from around the globe have been
posting advice online on how to impede efforts by authorities to tow
their vehicles.

A GoFundMe page which appears to have been taken down had raised
nearly $4,000 for the effort.

If the protest proceeds, it won't be the first time truckies have
blocked roads in protest of pandemic restrictions. Last month, several
trucks protested the temporary closure of construction in Sydney by
parking their vehicles on the freeway and blaring their horns.

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