[liberationtech] Fwd: ACM DGOV Special Issue on New Trends in Building Digital Government in China Call for Papers

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On 8/16/21, Doug Schuler <douglas at publicsphereproject.org> wrote:
> Just a reminder that the due date for submissions (full papers or
> commentaries) to the DGOV journal (ACM) special issue on "New Trends in
> Building Digital Government in China" is August 31. Please forward this to
> people or lists where it might be of interest. It's critical (at least in
> my opinion) that alternative voices end up being included.

"Government" and "Democracy" are nothing but failure.
Building a digital version of them only screws you harder.
Any honest analysis of China's use of DigiGov against its
people and freedom will prove that, as will any honest look
at the history of world. "Alternative voices" that call and
advocate for more and bigger Govts, and now dgital versions
of same, are in reality pure evils seeking further and total
oppression of free human beings, the stamping out of human
freedom, computerized cataloging command control censorship
gatekeeping scoring arbitrary lightswitch shutdowns kills and
more, they are expressly against the attainment of and
living in an actual state of "liberation" and freedom. They are
propagandizing and lying to you about that fact.

It's shameful that a list that claims to be about "Liberation"
spends most of its time literally censoring freedom and
advocating for tyrannical regimes known as government
and deployment of computing paradigms to further prop it.

Further shameful to censor replies offering convo critique
counterpoints alternative views to the very subjects that were
literally solicited for such offerings by very act of approving
the various op's in the first place. So hypocritical for a list
claiming to be about "Liberation" freespeech freedom,
when its censorious moderators are now become nothing
more than petty tyrants, of the same class that should be
revolted against just like "Arab Spring" their LibTech claimed
to help. Now they use their technology to oppress and rule
and manipulate opinion, and you're next subject to it.
Wake Up. Fight Back.

Clearly the ACM is not about computer science, but is
about supporting "trends" in power to controlling and
destroying human freedom, murdering free people
by guise through "building" more Govt "laws", entrenching
new global "Parliaments" of Kingly Tyranny, 24x365
"Intelligence" to pre-empt message against and crush freedom, etc,
calling it "Common Good" among other of power's apologist BS.

Wake up. Fight back.

> ---------- Forwarded message ---------
> From: Soon Ae Chun and Beth Simone Noveck
> Date: Tue, Jun 15, 2021 at 11:00 AM
> Subject: ACM DGOV Special Issue on New Trends in Building Digital
> Government in China Call for Papers
> To: <douglas at publicsphereproject.org>
> *ACM Digital Government: Research & Practice*
> *Special Issue on New Trends in Building Digital Government in China*
> *Guest Editors*
> Zhenling Liu <liuzl at haut.edu.cn>, Henan University of Technology
> Liang Ma <liangma at ruc.edu.cn>, School of Public Administration and Policy,
> Renmin University of China
> [image: journal cover image]The in-depth application of emerging
> technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence is
> bringing about a new round of digital government advancement. Data
> intelligence technology integrates government affairs data, promotes the
> digital transformation of governments at all levels, and realizes precision
> social governance. Digital government is changing the traditional
> governance models and providing strong support for the modernization of the
> national governance systems and governance capabilities. Meanwhile it also
> creates new opportunities, and environments for the development of
> democratic politics.
> The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has strengthened the Chinese government's
> embrace of "using big data to improve and modernize national governance,"
> and has advanced the development of digital government in a more
> comprehensive, systematic, and precise manner. This special issue will
> focus on the use of new technologies and new methods to create a new model
> of digital government to stimulate discussions and theoretical
> contributions by the global digital government research community.
> For questions and further information, please write to: Zhenling Liu
> <liuzl at haut.edu.cn>.
> *https://dgov.acm.org*
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