Marketing anarchism for the masses

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Aug 15 03:42:19 PDT 2021

The world can handle a two-trillion-dollar crypto market and even a 20 trillion one. But, sooner or later they'll want to find out more about crypto-anarchism. 

In order to present in the most favorable light I suggest a two-pronged approach where libertarians are pushed out of crypto and Marxist-commies are pushed out of anarchism. 

A key ally is social-democrats ( Scandinavian style socialists ) who dislike Marxists and inverse-Marxists already.  We can promise them best-practice democratic-socialist norms will be maintained and built on. 
Send me your ideas - in private if you like - that way - if they're any good I can steal them and claim full credit for myself.
You know the drill - welcome to the welfare-globalist,  new-order, revolution!

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