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# Awesome Homomorphic Encryption

> A curated list of amazing Homomorphic Encryption libraries, software and resources.

## Contents

- [Libraries](#libraries)
- [Toolkits](#toolkits)
- [Applications](#applications)
- [Databases](#databases)
- [Resources](#resources)

## Libraries

Libraries that can be used to implement applications using (Fully)
Homomorphic Encryption.
- [concrete](https://github.com/zama-ai/concrete) - Rust FHE library
that implements Zama's variant of TFHE.
- [cuFHE](https://github.com/vernamlab/cuFHE) - CUDA-accelerated Fully
Homomorphic Encryption Library.
- [cuHE](https://github.com/vernamlab/cuHE) - GPU-accelerated HE
library for NVIDIA CUDA-Enabled GPUs.
- [Cupcake](https://github.com/facebookresearch/Cupcake) - Facebook's
Rust library for the (additive version of the) Fan-Vercauteren scheme.
- [cuYASHE](https://github.com/cuyashe-library/cuyashe) - Based on
leveled fully HE scheme YASHE for GPGPUs.
- [FHEW](https://github.com/lducas/FHEW) - A Fully HE library based on
[_FHEW: Bootstrapping Homomorphic Encryption in less than a
- [FV-NFLlib](https://github.com/CryptoExperts/FV-NFLlib) - A
header-only library implementing the Fan-Vercauteren scheme.
- <a name="HEAAN">[HEAAN](https://github.com/snucrypto/HEAAN) -
Scheme with native support for fixed point approximate arithmetic.
- [HEAAN-Python](https://github.com/Huelse/HEAAN-Python) - Python
binding for the [HEANN](#HEAAN) library.
- <a name="HElib">[HElib](https://github.com/HomEnc/HElib) - BGV
scheme with bootstrapping and the Approximate Number CKKS scheme.
- [HEMat](https://github.com/K-miran/HEMat) - C++ implementation of
matrix computation (addition, multiplication, and transposition) using
- [krypto](https://github.com/kryptnostic/krypto) - C++ implementation
of multivariate quadratic FHE.
- [Λ ○ λ](https://github.com/cpeikert/Lol) - "Lol" Haskell library for
ring-based lattice cryptography that supports FHE.
- <a name="lattigo">[lattigo](https://github.com/ldsec/lattigo) - Go
library for lattice-based crypto that implements various schemes.
- [libScarab](https://github.com/hcrypt-project/libScarab) - C library
implementing a FHE scheme using large integers.
- [libshe](https://github.com/bogdan-kulynych/libshe) - Symmetric
somewhat HE library based on DGHV scheme.
- <a name="SEAL">[Microsoft SEAL](https://github.com/microsoft/SEAL) -
C++ FHE library implementing BFV and CKKS schemes.</a>
- [NFLlib](https://github.com/quarkslab/NFLlib) - NTT-based Fast
Lattice library specialized on power-of-two polynomials.
- [node-seal](https://github.com/morfix-io/node-seal) -
JavaScript/WebAssembly port of [Microsoft SEAL](#SEAL).
- [NuFHE](https://github.com/nucypher/nufhe) - GPU-accelerated HE
library, faster than cuFHE, that implements the [tfhe](#tfhe)
- <a name="PALISADE">[PALISADE](https://palisade-crypto.org/software-library)
- lattice encryption library.
- [petlib](https://github.com/gdanezis/petlib) - Python library that
implements a number of Privacy Enhancing Technologies.
- [Pyfhel](https://github.com/ibarrond/Pyfhel) - A Python wrapper for
[SEAL](#SEAL), [HElib](#HElib), and [PALISADE](#PALISADE).
- [python-paillier](https://github.com/data61/python-paillier) -
Partially HE based on Paillier scheme.
- [SEAL-python](https://github.com/Huelse/SEAL-Python/) - Python
binding for the [Microsoft SEAL](#SEAL) library.
- [SparkFHE](https://github.com/SpiRITlab/spark) - Apache Spark with
an add-on for FHE computations. See
- [TenSEAL](https://github.com/OpenMined/TenSEAL) - Library for HE
operations on tensors, built on [Microsoft SEAL](#SEAL), with a Python
- <a name="tfhe">[tfhe](https://github.com/tfhe/tfhe) - Faster fully
HE: Bootstrapping in less than 0.1 seconds.</a>

## Toolkits

- [ALCHEMY](https://github.com/cpeikert/ALCHEMY) - Haskell-based DSLs
and interpreters/compilers, build on top of the lattice crypto library
- [AWS HE toolkit](https://github.com/awslabs/homomorphic-implementors-toolkit)
- Simplifies the process of designing circuits for the CKKS scheme.
- [Cingulata](https://github.com/CEA-LIST/Cingulata) - Compiler
toolchain and RTE for running C++ programs over encrypted data.
- [E3](https://github.com/momalab/e3) - Encrypt-Everything-Everywhere
framework for compiling C++ programs with encrypted operands.
- [Google's FHE
Repository](https://github.com/google/fully-homomorphic-encryption) -
Libraries and tools to perform FHE operations on an encrypted data
- [IBM FHE toolkit](https://fhe-website.mybluemix.net) - Including FHE
ML inference with a Neural Network and a Privacy-Preserving key-value
	- [fhe-toolkit-android](https://github.com/IBM/fhe-toolkit-android) -
IBM FHE toolkit for Android
	- [fhe-toolkit-ios](https://github.com/IBM/fhe-toolkit-ios) - IBM FHE
toolkit for iOS
	- [fhe-toolkit-linux](https://github.com/IBM/fhe-toolkit-linux) - IBM
FHE toolkit for Linux (Docker based Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu & Alpine
	- [fhe-toolkit-macos](https://github.com/IBM/fhe-toolkit-macos) - IBM
FHE toolkit for macOS
- [Marble](https://github.com/MarbleHE/Marble) - C++ framework that
translates between nearly plaintext-style user programs and FHE
- [SHEEP](https://github.com/alan-turing-institute/SHEEP) - HE
evaluation platform with a set of native benchmarks and a library
agnostic language.

## Applications

- [crypto-geofence](https://github.com/Georeactor/crypto-geofence) -
Geo-fencing demo application based on Paillier scheme.
- [lattigo-polls](https://github.com/ldsec/lattigo-polls-demo) -
Web-application for scheduling meetings using [lattigo](#lattigo).
- [Morfix.io](https://morfix.io/sandbox) - Web-based UI to play around
with the [Microsoft SEAL](#SEAL) library.
- [nGraph-HE](https://github.com/IntelAI/he-transformer) - Deep
Learning (DL) with HE through Intel’s DL graph compiler nGraph based
on [SEAL](#SEAL).
- [OpenMined](https://github.com/OpenMined) - Decentralized data
ownership & intelligence based on HE and deep / federated learning.
	- [KotlinSyft](https://github.com/OpenMined/KotlinSyft) - Kotlin
library for the Android part of the OpenMined's open-source ecosystem.
	- [PySyft](https://github.com/OpenMined/PySyft) - Python library for
the server/IoT part of the OpenMined's open-source ecosystem.
	- [SwiftSyft](https://github.com/OpenMined/SwiftSyft) - Swift library
for the iOS part of the OpenMined's open-source ecosystem.
	- [syft.js](https://github.com/OpenMined/syft.js) - JavaScript
library for the web part of the OpenMined's open-source ecosystem.
- [Rosetta](https://github.com/LatticeX-Foundation/Rosetta) - A
privacy-preserving framework based on TensorFlow.
- [tf-encrypted](https://github.com/tf-encrypted/tf-encrypted) -
Bridge between TensorFlow and the [Microsoft SEAL](#SEAL) library.

## Databases

- [CryptDB](https://github.com/CryptDB/cryptdb) - Protecting
confidentiality with encrypted query processing.
- [encrypted-mongodb](https://github.com/pdroalves/encrypted-mongodb)
- Wrapper on MongoDB's Python driver that enables to query encrypted
- [Prisma/DB](https://github.com/PrismaDB/PrismaDB) - Security layer
for relational database systems.
- [TimeCrypt](https://github.com/TimeCrypt/timecrypt) - Encrypted
time-series database using homomorphic encryption-based access
- [ZeroDB](https://github.com/zerodb/zerodb) - E2E encrypted database
using proxy re-encryption.

## Resources

- [Barak, Boaz](https://intensecrypto.org/public/lec_15_FHE.html).
Chapter about FHE in Barak's introductory book to Cryptography, used
for Harvard CS 127.
- [Barthelemy, Lucas](https://blog.quarkslab.com/a-brief-survey-of-fully-homomorphic-encryption-computing-on-encrypted-data.html).
Brief survey of Fully HE. 2016.
- [Chen, Zhigang](https://zhigang-chen.github.io/A%20List%20of%20FHE%20Papers.html).
A continuously updated list of FHE papers.
- [Gentry, Craig](https://crypto.stanford.edu/craig/craig-thesis.pdf).
A fully homomorphic encryption scheme. Stanford University, 2009.
- [HomomorphicEncryption.org](https://homomorphicencryption.org). An
open industry, government & academic consortium working on
standardization of FHE.
- [KU Leuven](https://www.esat.kuleuven.be/cosic/tag/cosic-guide-to-crypto/).
An introduction to homomorphic encryption.
- [Micciancio, Daniele](http://cseweb.ucsd.edu/~daniele/LatticeLinks/FHE.html).
Links to papers and implementations of Lattice Cryptography schemes.
- [Microsoft Research](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD7HFcN7LXRef-eTSGt_XOUJLZNoDINUn).
Videos from SEAL/CKKS talks at Microsoft's Private AI Bootcamp.
- [Vaikuntanathan,
Vinoid](https://people.csail.mit.edu/vinodv/FHE/FHE-refs.html). A list
of references about FHE, covering top papers in the field.
- [Zhigang Chen](https://zhigang-chen.github.io/FHE%20Resources.html).
A list of English and Chinese FHE and Machine Learning references.

## Related awesome lists

- [awesome-cryptography](https://github.com/sobolevn/awesome-cryptography)
- [awesome-crypto-papers](https://github.com/pFarb/awesome-crypto-papers)
- [awesome-mpc](https://github.com/rdragos/awesome-mpc) - Multi-Party

## Contribute

Contributions welcome! Read the [contribution
guidelines](contributing.md) first.

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## License


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copyright and
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