Karl Semitch accused of list sabotage

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Thu Aug 12 18:53:16 PDT 2021

"... I think you are a US government agent karl ..."

Okay, its " Govt-agent-Truther ", Batshit Crazy talking - however there is ample evidence that Karl Semich is spamming this list ( along with Gramps )

This is a DDoS attack and such attack can only be regarded as coming from this lists worst enemies - enemies that may be killed on sight.

As I said Semich and Gramps have both earned killing - I'm proffering 200$ USD at the moment. That might rise along with the general cryptoanarchist infrastructure market presently around 2 Trillion USD. 

I suggest this list will contain a lot more signal once the two largest contributors of ' noise' are silenced - permanently silenced. 

We have a right to destroy those who would destroy us and self-defense is a defense against any murder charge. 

Welcome to to the revolution. 

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