Corona: US Pres Biden Mandates Forced Vax, Employment Firings, Vax Passports, Masking, Testing

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Tue Aug 3 09:04:03 PDT 2021

This is your future if you don't fight back...
You, your family and friends, *will* comply with
*every* wish of the regime or you *will* be
arrested, smashed, or killed...

UN Special Rapporteur On Torture Requests Info On German Police
Brutalizing Anti-Lockdown Protesters

The UN’s Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer has requested more
information on an incident in which a female anti-lockdown protester
in Berlin was grabbed by the throat and brutally thrown to the ground
by riot police.

As we highlighted earlier, the demonstrations ended up with a whopping
600 people being arrested amidst innumerable brazen examples of police
brutality, including against children, that were caught on camera.

Germans were protesting against plans to ban unvaccinated people from
a plethora of different venues, including restaurants, cinemas and

One video clip shows an elderly protester merely attempting to walk
past a police officer dressed in riot gear before he grabs her neck
with both hands and throws her to the floor.

    The EU would be condemning this as regime brutality if it was
Russia but since it's Germany they will support it
    — Stan (@StanM3) August 1, 2021

Cops were obviously given orders to enforce a draconian crackdown on
the protesters given their behavior throughout the day, which looked
like something out of the 1930’s.

The clip caught the attention of Nils Melzer, a professor of
international law, whose official title is United Nations Special
Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment
or Punishment.

    “This has just been brought to my attention,” tweeted Melzer.

    “Can anyone provide my office with the specifics / witness
statements of this incident and whether an official investigation has
been launched?” he asked.

    This has just been brought to my attention.

    Can anyone provide my office with the specifics / witness
statements of this incident and whether an official investigation has
been launched?

    Send to: sr-torture at
    (please not via Twitter-reply/DM)

    Thank you!
    — Nils Melzer (@NilsMelzer) August 1, 2021

It’s highly unlikely that any investigation will take place given that
riot police were clearly ordered to conduct themselves with wanton
disregard for basic dignity and human rights.

Another video clip showed a police officer reacting to a young boy’s
concern over the treatment of his mother by forcefully pushing him to
the floor by his head.

    Berlin, this cop is hitting a little boy in the head for worrying
about his mom. 🤬🤯
    — Willow (@Willow__Bella) August 1, 2021

Another clip shows two old women also being pushed to the floor by police.

    Police shove elderly people to your ground to protect their
health. Welcome to Berlin.
    — Ian Miles Cheong @ (@stillgray) August 1, 2021

Another protester also collapsed and died while being harassed by
police to show his ID.

Anti-lockdown protesters have been vilified and dehumanized by the
media and by vaccine cultists who lobby for them to be treated like

That’s why such scenes, which would cause outrage if they occurred at
a Black Lives Matter or LGBT march, are either totally ignored or
callously celebrated.

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