Cryptocurrency: Miners Frontrun Unencrypted Trades, Signal Chat Adopts MOB Shitcoin

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Apr 8 22:46:31 PDT 2021

> 	infinite self parody here :
> 	"At MobileCoin, we believe governments have a legitimate interest in
> regulating the economic lives of their citizens.
> Good monetary policies help keep economies healthy and currency controls
> help fight criminals and terrorists."


> Flashboys 2.0 - Miner
Extractable Value (MEV)

Alice can simply limit order, until limit users get censored out,
leading tokens, markets, and networks to collapse and die
due to friction, graft, high cost diminishing returns, etc.

Some class of miner attacks are mitigated with
zk / homomorphic / encryption, leaving miners nothing
to see and preferentially mine but the txfee.
Only the set of AMM+seller+buyer would be parties that
can see the market tx data.
Some crypto could even avoid prefs on txfee by contracting to release
a hidden mining fee as second stage mine after the trade tx is mined,
forcing miners to mine all tx equally, or starve and exit mining biz.

Bitcoin-BTC is obviously subject to mining games based on
its 100% cleartext content... censorship there by statistical mass,
no cryptographic guarantee of unfettered unobserved fair access.

Early days.

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