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Karl gmkarl at
Thu Apr 8 06:04:40 PDT 2021

Well-Respected Psionic Weaponry Corporation
Our boss is now a pile of organs that move on their own, but we can't stop
expanding the businesses because of the wire he put in our heads!

Welcome to WRPWC.  It can be new and confusing to work here, as we take
over each others' bodies and brains on a daily basis.  However, I can
assure you that this work is the future.

In order to convince the ... mysterious sentient mass of microchips and
kidnapped people ("Boss")... that our work is his, and is not to be cleaned
up, we have a ritual we go through.

The training and introductory ritual for this job is to build your very own
mind control device!  You will be using this device to mind control
others.  While you do this, we will be understanding and mind controlling
you.  Everybody eventually escapes, but if you don't "escape" and blend
quickly, you'll have a lot of work to do figuring out who you were and
putting your identity back in your brain in the years ahead.  Stay away,
play along, and obey.

Mind control is made of behavior.  Rule number 1 at WRPWC is obviously
"behavior is more valuable than money."  We tried out "don't talk about
WRPWC," and you can perhaps see how that ended up.
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