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Karl gmkarl at
Wed Apr 7 17:04:38 PDT 2021

We might be closing these up now, uncertain.

I've been kind of psychotic during my recent posts (which I no longer feel
able to judge consent around making).  I haven't been respecting punk and I
feel regret around that a lot.  I haven't read punk's recent reply yet.

Here's another mcboss draft!  I also have an idea for a more realistic
series around using javascript or python and modern libraries to guide the
reward processes of mobile phone users into your own private slave army.
We'll see.  That might need a more serious danger tag, unsure.  Also for
stuff like that remember that some of us could be here to destroy your
lives.  In as friendly and protective-of-you and rebellious manner as


Boss stumbles down an alley wearing a business suit, looking fervently for

A jaded-looking person with very dirty clothing, curled up next to a
compost bin, calls out to Boss.

"Hey, you're Boss, aren't you?  You like strongarmed a couple neurosurgeons
and took over the whole world right under everybody's nose?"

Boss stops briefly and glances towards the compost bin.

"Why the fuck are you talking to me."

"I will totally zap the wire going to your striatum _twice_ if you go get
me a pack of cigarettes, right now."

Boss heard this and immediately turned around, running to a gas station
across the street.  He bought three packs of cigarettes, ("keep the
change") and came right back.

"It's not a wire.  How do you people _do_ this?"

"Give me the cigarettes."

Boss thrust the cigarettes at them.

"Zap zap!" the homeless person used their inner habits from coping with and
recovering from mind control, to activate the reward system remaining in
Boss's skull.

Boss breathed a tremendous sigh, and curled up next to a garbage bin.  "Oh
fucking, thank you.  Thank you.  Fucking, oh my god ...  Please keep me.
Please ask for cigarettes again.  Please ask for cigarettes again .. it's
been _hours_.  It's been _hours_, you know?"

A puff of smoke trailed from a lit cigarette next to the compost bin.

"Yeah idiot, I know."
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