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Wed Apr 7 05:52:39 PDT 2021

Given that governments and corporations usually have technology that
exceeds the community, and that artificial intelligence can complete
technological and physical research, providing universal "magic", is the
correct thing to do to quickly research peak technology, so as to end the
conflict and level the playing field?

Batsoup and angry free luddites may instead propose that we struggle to
physically fight and take down the existing infrastructure.  Such behavior
likely has some kind of impact, but not always the expected one.

In the 2010s, political influence corporations like Cambridge Analytica
used machine learning with public data to enumerate properties and predict
behaviors of every single citizen of a given country, providing for
significantly reduce privacy.  It's hard to believe this enumeration was
100% exhaustive, given the diversity of life experiences out there.  Still,
it is frightening, and I'm sure research has improved since.  It makes one
wonder what would be needed for resistance against the various forms of
real, serious slavery, to succeed.
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