[liberationtech] The bitcoin terrorists of Idlib are learning new tricks

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 05:49:21 PDT 2021

> https://www.wired.co.uk/article/bitcoin-crypto-terrorism-syria

Anti-crypto FUD. Go look at all what kind of murder
crime fraud etc the govts and everyone else does with
many billions of dollars, rubles, yuan, etc.
While both have similar crime ratios, fiat is still much
larger net usage thus it carries magnitudes more crime.
But fake news media wouldn't get any propaganda jobs,
money, or influence in honestly reporting that fiat story.

> learning ... crypto

Yes learn and adopt distributed crypto, move past all your
colosally obese growing governments that are starting shit,
stomping around the world murdering thousand and thousands,
torturing, prisoning, starving, stealing money from you under
threat of death to stuff their own crony wallets, spyveillancing and
passporting you entire life forever, FUD program on 24x7 in your fake
news, plotting more ways for GovCorp power to keep sucking your life.
Soon you won't even have the cash they keep printing to intentionally
devalue your wealth and living ability with, saddling you with
more and more of their wasted debt load... since they
are now officially rolling out their worthless cashless society
fake crypto fiat called Central Bank Digital Currencies CBDC's,
MMT and UBI to screw and spy and control you even more, turn you
off and forfeit you in a second, and cancel your activism,
freespeech, dissent, freedom... totalitarian control in the extreme.
Govt lately saying you cant secede to have bit of independence
and freedom (catalan, hong kong, taiwan, etc...), locking
you down fining you shutting down your business all 2020 corona,
politicians baldly lying being idiots on your news, social
scoring gone insane. Yet not a peep of effective resistance.

Wake up sheeple, to what in the world is happening.
GovCorp trying to end your monetary freedom,
cashless, etc is no joke... you will lose remaining freedom.
You are free beautiful people.
You don't need them or their crap anymore.
You have crypto, can organize and do and build
and teach and roads and charity and health and
live as you wish locally and wider, voluntarily, together.
Go create freedom.

Here are some surrounding subjects hinted in article,
with two of them exposing a big underlying problem...

ps: Govts about to start WWIII. If you adopted
crypto like crypto libertarians told you, you could easily
leave funding their wars, and them, off the list of
things you choose to pay for.

Your old "voting" obviously didn't get you any more freedom,
maybe the new distributed privacy crypto hotness will.

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