USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Oct 30 00:08:40 PDT 2020 Kayleigh Mcenany cuts
through the Media's Bullshit  Mcenany et al DESTROY
Twitter and everything via Jumbotron

Biden the Unfit can't even remember Trump and Barrett's name. Huge Bullhead,AZ rally,
more jumbotron

“If you elect me, your taxes are gonna be RAISED, not cut.” -- Joe Biden

Biden says freedom robbing, economy destroying, depressing
no fun having, mandatory Lockdowns and Masks, high taxes
resulting GovCorp waste profit law largesse... are "patriotic duty"...
then pussies out and quits speech early due to rain.

Trump says live your life more choices along way you want without
Socialism... while quite notably giving speeches in the rain and
34-85 degF weather, day after day nonstop for weeks in support
of the American people.

All up against 4 years of the baseless distraction time and
money wasting onslaught from Fake TV Print and Internet
News Media, Russia Hoax, Massive Social Media
Censorship Narrative Steering, Big Tech, Ilhan Omar-esque
Ballot Harvesting Frauds, Advertising Discounts, BLM-Antifa
supported by Democrat Socialist Globalist Soros, etc.

Fuck the Corrupt Lying Biden-Socialist-Dems.
"America will never be a Socialist country" -- Trump

Regardless of election "results", Trump won by default from all that.

And Libertarians with Jorgensen gain million of new
diehard followers from it all, that's the real news :) Melania lays it all on the
line, Anonymous Exposed, Air Raid, and more fun in Tampa,FL.

Yuge GDP number due to Trump's 50% of population ignoring the
Democrats Nazi Corona Lockdowns and getting back to work.

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