selfish yt-dl dmca drama

Karl gmkarl at
Mon Oct 26 05:43:28 PDT 2020

Findable infohashes and time travel?  Do you know what predictive
analysis is?  I like sliding through time backwards where large-scale
physical laws are more schrodinger but it leaves me too confused to
read wikipedia articles.

For me, the poignancy of "time runners" is that it addresses people
who aren't aware of ways other than war using superior analysis to
prevent a caring genius heart from acting, and that this is impossible
to succeed with forever: in national law enforcement!

Have you seen BD05FFB9E34019CE89954984BF1489E59B33BD43 ?  No seeds
over here but I've seen it before.  Australia makes good shows like

man these numbers and letters are so confusing to read over plain text

I'll probably watch one of your infohashes at some point in the
future.  3407956A1AF9B17C0C060B4C8BFA275D5FA67944

I've made a little progress on my hobby videogame project where people
store livestreams of each other on immutable blockchains.  Not a lot,
but a little.

On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 8:09 AM Zenaan Harkness <zen at> wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 10:33:48PM -0400, Karl wrote:
> > I eventually downloaded this movie from a very old torrent, which only
> > went to 99.9% completion because I didn't hunt down the last few
> > pieces.  Torrents are so much more reliable than youtube.  I haven't
> > even watched it yet myself.  Here it is on ipfs:
> >
> REALLY appreciate this!  Thank you Karl.
> (Just now found "Trancers" 6-film series - it's in the same genre, from '84 to '02:
> 1-5, 3.5G: 3B86A78BAAB9608C57BC6D9A1FD2DA0AA6E2A131
> 6, 700M: D42CDE32581028EBCB96F81A6B4BC788DDADA1E2
> Dimensions 2011 8270bcadd95077f65ea0b8df9980c154b9cfd7f4 3G
> I'll follow you down 2013 70F4372482877131330D3B9AC24FD7354C5411F8 1.4G
> (no seed yet)

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