selfish yt-dl dmca drama

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Oct 26 05:08:48 PDT 2020

On Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 10:33:48PM -0400, Karl wrote:
> I eventually downloaded this movie from a very old torrent, which only
> went to 99.9% completion because I didn't hunt down the last few
> pieces.  Torrents are so much more reliable than youtube.  I haven't
> even watched it yet myself.  Here it is on ipfs:

REALLY appreciate this!  Thank you Karl.

(Just now found "Trancers" 6-film series - it's in the same genre, from '84 to '02:
1-5, 3.5G: 3B86A78BAAB9608C57BC6D9A1FD2DA0AA6E2A131
6, 700M: D42CDE32581028EBCB96F81A6B4BC788DDADA1E2

Dimensions 2011 8270bcadd95077f65ea0b8df9980c154b9cfd7f4 3G

I'll follow you down 2013 70F4372482877131330D3B9AC24FD7354C5411F8 1.4G
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