Trump: "I can't help some [Republican senate candidates]" "You lose your soul if you do" -- USA 2020 Elections: Thread

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 >Trump will not sell us out.

>He is doing his best.  Let's pray Trump's best is good enough to please
the gods.



 >  'Senate is Very Tough': Trump Doubts Republicans Will Keep Majority in Upper Chamber, US Media Says

Myself, I wonder why Hitlery and her cronies, and Obama and his cronies, have virtually never been subjected to the extensive prosecution that many of us wanted, at least as early as mid-2016.   I happen to have the major of advantage of having extensively learned Federal law during my time in the clink, and it was obvious to me as early as mid-2015 that Hitlery was guilty of violations of the Espionage Act, and the Federal Records Act as well.  From  the first day of her time as Secretary of State, she refused to use the official email and server that she was provided:  This established that she made a deliberate choice to NEVER put classified information and emails into an approved system.  

Hitlery merely having a private server was not, itself, a problem.  Her choice to do government business on that server, without arranging for it to be backed up by the National Archive (Federal Records Act) was a problem.  And, her choice to allow classified emails to remain on that server, even if she didn't put them there herself, was an amazing violation of the Espionage Act.  And, of course, her attempt to commit Obstruction of Justice, by deleting those 33,000 ostensibly 'personal' emails, was also an obvious crime.  
James Clapper should have been prosecuted, having committed a crime by lying to the Congress, and the public, saying that the Federal Government did not keep large amounts of information on Americans, when in fact it did so.  Edward Snowden revealed that.  Trump should pardon Snowden, if for no other reason that Clapper didn't get prosecuted.  The likely limitations period ("Statute of Limitations") for Clapper was 5 years, meaning that he could have been prosecuted up to May 2018, well over 1 year after Trump took office.  Why did that not happen?  Did they just 'forget' it?
One reason for the poor showing of the Republicans during the 2018 election, I have no doubt at all, was because of this amazing lack of prosecutions!  Trump appointed that fool Jeff Sessions, who accomplished exactly 'zero', at least to my recollection.  Why should Trump's fans be encouraged by an almost complete failure to go after obvious criminality, even after two years, let alone four years, after having taken office?
                   Jim Bell

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