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Report on Biden Activities with China
Posted on October 22, 2020	

A number of months ago, I was approached by an individual I had known
for the better half of a decade. I had known this individually
professionally and enjoyed their company and deep insight into our
overlapping professional interests. Consequently, I would not
infrequently seek out their professional opinion. They had written a
research report for a client worried about political risk that
involved background on the Biden’s in China. This individual believed
that the information that had been discovered, and with the approval
of the client, needed to make its way into the public domain.

They asked my help in putting the research report in the hands of
press asking them just to use the information for their own
professional purposes leaving the report anonymous.  Knowing this
individual and the quality of work they do, I agreed after reviewing
in detail the report that was produced. There are a couple of key
points about the report.

First, it is almost exclusively taken from public sources and
documentation. Everything from Chinese news reports to corporate
records. The report is immaculately cited so that anyone who wishes to
replicate where a specific piece of information was found or see the
underlying documentation can do so.

Second, the complexity of the overall story, attempts have been made
to break down the key points about what happened, who was involved,
with timelines and indexes.

Third, only three human sources are used in the report. Two human
sources only confirmed top line information in the acknowledgement of
an individual and no other information. The third human source was not
consulted for the story but agreed to let the information be used for
the story after the importance of the information became apparent.

For two months I have worked on behalf of my colleague to ensure that
this report helped others report on the documented evidence of Biden
activities with regards to China. I want to emphasize a couple of
things about my own involvement.

First, I did not write the report and I am not responsible for the
report. I have gone over the report with a fine tooth comb and can
find nothing factually wrong with the report. Everything is cited and
documented. Arguably the only weakness is that we do not have internal
emails between Chinese players or the Chinese and Bidens that would
make explicit what the links clearly imply.

Second, I will not be disclosing the individual who did write this
report. They have very valid reasons to fear for both their personal
safety and professional risks. Throughout the years that I have known
this individual we never discussed politics. I have never heard them
criticize any political party other than the CCP. They are not a

Third, it was my very real wish that the press would have reported on
the documented evidence in this report and left me and the author
entirely out of this situation. I did not vote for Trump in 2016 and
will not vote for him in 2020. This information however is entirely
valid public interest information that the press has simply refused to
cover due to their own partisan wishes. I have serious policy
differences with President Trump. I am pro-immigration. I would like
to see more free trade efforts to shift trade away from China and into
partner countries from Mexico to Vietnam and India. I believe that
institution building in Asia is vital and America needs to take that
lead. However, I cannot in good conscience allow documented evidence
of the variety presented here go unreported by partisans who are
simply choosing to hide information.

Finally, I will not be answering any questions about the report. I had
no wish to be involved in Presidential politics. I do not want to be
on the news. I will not be answer any questions about who wrote the
report. We need to return the focus to the known documented facts.

Key Points of the Report:

    Joe Biden’s compromising partnership with the Communist Party of
China runs via Yang Jiechi (CPC’s Central Foreign Affairs Commission).
YANG met frequently with BIDEN during his tenure at the Chinese
embassy in Washington.
    Hunter Biden’s 2013 Bohai Harvest Rosemont investment partnership
was set-up by Ministry of Foreign Affairs institutions who are tasked
with garnering influence with foreign leaders during YANG’s tenure as
Foreign Minister.
    HUNTER has a direct line to the Politburo, according to SOURCE A,
a senior finance professional in China.
    Michael Lin, a Taiwanese national now detained in China, brokered
the BHR partnership and partners with MOFA foreign influence
    LIN is a POI for his work on behalf of China, as confirmed by
SOURCE B and SOURCE C (at two separate national intelligence
    BHR is a state managed operation. Leading shareholder in BHR is a
Bank of China which lists BHR as a subsidiary and BHR’s partners are
SOEs that funnel revenue/assets to BHR.
    HUNTER continues to hold 10% in BHR. He visited China in 2010 and
met with major Chinese government financial companies that would later
back BHR.
    HUNTER’s BHR stake (purchased for $400,000) is now likely be worth
approx. $50 million (fees and capital appreciation based on BHR’s $6.5
billion AUM as stated by Michael Lin).
    HUNTER also did business with Chinese tycoons linked with the
Chinese military and against the interests of US national security.
    BIDEN’s foreign policy stance towards China (formerly hawkish),
turned positive despite China’s country’s rising geopolitical


Lost among the salacious revelations about laptop provenance is the
more mundane reality of influence and money of major United States
political figures. Ill informed accusations of Russian hacking and
disinformation face the documented reality of a major Chinese state
financial partnership with the children of major political figures. A
report by an Asian research firm raises worrying questions about the
financial links between China and Hunter Biden.

Beginning just before Joe Bidens ascendancy to the Vice Presidency,
Hunter Biden was travelling to Beijing meeting with Chinese financial
institutions and political figures would ultimately become his
investors.  Finalized in 2013, the investment partnership included
money from the Chinese government, social security, and major
state-owned banks a veritable who’s who of Chinese state finance.

It is not simply the state money that should cause concern but the
structures and deals that took place. Most investment in specific
projects came from state owned entities and flowed into state backed
projects or enterprises. Even the deals speak to the worst of
cronyism. The Hunter Biden investment firm share of a copper mine in
the Congo was guaranteed with assets put at risk by the larger copper
company to ensure deal flow to Hunter’s firm.

In another instance, Bank of China working on an IPO in Hong Kong gave
its share allocation to the BHR investment partnership. They were able
to do this because even though the Hunter Biden firm completed no
notable work on the IPO, it is counted as a subsidiary of the Bank of
China. The Hunter Biden Chinese investment partnership is literally
invested in by the Chinese state and a subsidiary of the Bank of China
owned by the Chinese Ministry of Finance.

The entire arrangement speaks to Chinese state interests. Meetings
were held at locations that in China speak to the welcoming of foreign
dignitaries or state to state relations. The Chinese organizations
surrounding Hunter Biden are known intelligence and influence
operatives to the United States government. The innocuous names like
Chinese People’s Institute for Foreign Affairs exist to “…carry out
government-directed policies and cooperative initiatives with
influential foreigners without being perceived as a formal part of the
Chinese government.”

Interestingly the CPIFA is under the Chinese Ministry of Foreign
Affairs. When the investment partnership was struck in 2013, the
Minister of Foreign Affairs was Yang Jiechi. Yang would have been very
familiar with Hunter Biden from his days in Washington as the Chinese
Ambassador to the United States from 2001 to 2005 during which he met
regularly with Joe Biden chairing the Senate Foreign Relations
Committee. Today the same individual who oversaw institutions helping
shepherd Hunter’s investment partnership as the Minister of Foreign
Affairs is Xi Jinping’s right hand man on foreign affairs and member
of the powerful Politburo.

Most worrying is the financial leverage this gives the Chinese state
over a direct member of the Biden family.  Despite the widely reported
$1-1.5 billion of investment the reality is likely much higher. A
co-founder of the investment firm reports the total assets under
management as $6.5 billion.  While this number cannot be completely
replicated, given that two deal alone were worth in excess of $1.6
billion this number is not unrealistic at all.  A 2% annual fee on
assets under management would generate $130 million annually. Add in
the 20% fee on capital gains the firm would recognize and it is not
difficult to see Hunter’s stake being worth in excess of $50 million.

According to Hunter’s attorney, he did not invest his $400,000 in the
company until 2017. Even assuming the veracity of this statement, this
raises a major problem. Founded in 2013, the firm had large amounts of
revenue and assets under management by 2017. In other words, his
$400,000 stake would have already been worth far more than what he
paid for it. This paltry $400,000 investment worth more than $50
million now would have realized a gain of more than 12,400% in three

The difficulty in eluding these concerns is their documentability by
anyone who cares to look.  There is no potential for hacking because
it is all public record in China. Any journalist who wishes to look
can go review IPO prospectuses, news reports, or corporate records.
There is no secret method for discovering this data other than
actually looking. There is simply no way to avoid the reality that
Hunter Biden was granted a 10% stake worth far in excess of what he
paid for a firm that is literally operated and owned by the Chinese

I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016 and have significant concerns
about his policies in areas like immigration. Having lived in China
for nine years throughout the Xi regimes construction of concentration
camps and having witnessed first hand their use of influence and
intelligence operations, the Biden links worry me profoundly.

Whether Joe Biden personally knew the details, a very untenable
position, it is simply political malpractice to not be aware of the
details of these financial arrangements. These documentable financial
links simply cannot be wished away.

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