Freedom of Speech: Islam Goes Apeshit over Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cartoons Repub, Quran Eating, and Successful Critical Analysis

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Oct 17 06:21:46 PDT 2020

A man decapitated a schoolteacher in a suburb of Paris on Friday
afternoon and was later shot dead by police, France's anti-terror
prosecutor told CNN.
The teacher recently showed controversial caricatures depicting the
Prophet Mohammed to his students.
According to French newspaper Le Monde, some Muslim parents complained
to the school about the slain teacher's decision to use one or more of
the cartoons as part of a discussion about the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Brutally slaughtered dead... for having a discussion about some cartoons.

And US Dems-Biden are on video wanting to teach Islam
in public schools and open borders to all the kitman.

Will the Dems include "free" Coifs and Hauberks in their
Socialist preventive medicine healthcare for all program?
Better get yours on the open market before the bread line forms. Hebdo

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