Trying to Connect with a Hacker Online

Karl gmkarl at
Mon Oct 12 10:43:31 PDT 2020

On 10/12/20, Stefan Claas <sac at> wrote:
> Stefan Claas wrote:
>> | Stefan, I got:
>> |
>> AgAAAHYwSAAAAO+xQIT5meBNroABRxnwz1nF8Apub/z5OiqCftZUpGTBbcejwe6XQF4lpAnhW9YG
>> | NAl9/zdLkj8FOG2NQmhbx82HXJv1Ju2c1w==
>> | from you.  Is this the same encrypted message as the one you sent?  I'm
>> expecting that it is.


> BTW. NaClbox messages are authenticated, so no one can send you a message
> in
> my name, if they are not in possession of my private key. This avoids then
> also to use signatures, like with GnuPG.
> And the IMHO cool thing about NaClbox is that it is much easier to use and
> learn than GnuPG.

Why do you not use naclbox to communicate all the time?  Couldn't it
even be used for the cypherpunks mailing list, if the mailing list had
a shared receiving private key, to verify that each person is saying
what they intend?

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