Setting up PGP

John Young jya at
Mon Oct 12 05:39:12 PDT 2020

Use of any online or digital programs and/or devices for 
comsec/infosec should be avoided unless completely enclosed and 
transmitted with non-online or non-digital means. There are a number 
of non-onlne and non-digital means available, the first and most 
reliable is your brain so long as it is not contaminated with belief 
in online and digital prejudice now over a century in promulgaton. 
The principal efforts for this promulgation is computers, coding, 
obfuscation, propaganda, arcanity, scientism, residual astrology, 
confidence gaming, spouting mantras, i.e., "cypherpunks write code."

This oh so cool mantra derives from the magicial, bewitching 
lodestone "national security," the abiding weapon of nations governed 
as royalty, heirarchical, the few overlording the many with force, 
elections, education, faith and trivializing deriviatives of 
entertainment, media, chat, parties, militants, rebels, 
revolutionaries, independents, intellectuals, geniuses, "democracies" 
ruled by  kingdoms of presidents, congresses, courts.

Nonetheless, always a nonetheless apologia for top-down regimes, far 
more rewarding to cooperate with authorities than to defy them, more 
lucrative too. So backdoors in crypto, each and every version, must 
be inherent code, along with outpourings of assurances there are 
workarounds to escape the many and be one of the few. Today, that is 
marketed as "smart."

At 06:23 AM 10/12/2020, Stefan Claas wrote:
>Karl wrote:
> > After finding a good candidate airgapped device, you'll want to be
> > careful with how you use it.  Remember, whenever a new vulnerability
> > is found, trojans cover the world taking advantage of it, and then try
> > to find a way to hide inside the corners of all the systems they find.
> > So, any drive you put in your new device, anything you plug into it,
> > any update you apply, could be filled with computer-measles that would
> > find a way to trick it into giving remote control to them.  Keep it
> > isolated until you have things set up for use.
> >
> > The next step after getting a reasonable airgapped device, maybe a pi
> > zero, and ideally keeping it isolated, would be to install gnupg on
> > it.  Maybe in a forthcoming email!
>GnuPG should be already installed with Linux (Raspberian OS etc.). The
>thing I would like ask you, how would you communicate securely with your
>air-gapped device?
>What I did in the past was to install on the online device and offline
>device the free (cross-platform) software CoolTerm and I connected both
>devices with an FTDI USB to USB cable, so that I could do serial 
>and was also able to see how many bytes (from a PGP message) was transfered.
>Another approach I am currently playing with is to play with NFC tags and
>a reader/writer device, which can be used offline as well.
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