Censorship: Who What Why How Behind Media Censorship

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 18:43:35 PDT 2020

On 10/8/20, Zenaan Harkness <zen at freedbms.net> wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 08, 2020 at 07:25:45PM -0400, Karl wrote:
>> Hi, Zenaan.  I'm still crazy.  I tried to friend you on
>> Facebookzombieapocalypsefaction, did you get it?
> Years ago I created a Zuckerberg privacy violation acocunt, but I log in may
> be once every 3 to 4 years if I need to locate someone I cannot find
> otherwise.  So perhaps in a couple of years I will see your contact
> request.

That's how it should be.

>> MOST JEWS DON'T OWN MEDIA CORPORATIONS.  It's not helpful to blame the
>> whole group.
> Listen bud: you've missed the point: either you are deliberately changing
> the topic (being belligerent), or you don't understand your own
> communication.

This is skippable C code.  I don't remember if you know C.

#include "../zenaan.h"

int main(int argc, char **argv)
  struct zenaan_expression meaning;
  int i;

  meaning.deep_communication = zenaan_initial_meaning;

  for (i = 1; i < argc; ++ i) {
    zenaan_append_tail(&meaning.deep_communication, argv[i]);

  zenaan_process_stub(&meaning); /* todo: implement this */

  zenaan_consider_reply(&meaning, "I have no clue what you are talking
about here, and I don't think you have any clue what you are either,
but I hope you are well.  If I switch politics, will you?");

  return meaning.exit_code;

It's shitty when people are belligerent, one's self or others.

I tried to learn NVC some.  It goes Observation, Feeling, Need,
Request.  It hurts like shards of glass to use, and I love it for
saving my life.  Zenaan, I observe myself continually replying to your
posts, often in ways that are poorly thought out.  I feel urgent,
frustrated, confused, because I need to know we all care about each

I was never much good with requests.  I think you know not to take me
seriously, if I've hurt you.  I'd probably ask to relate with you
about our relation a little or something.

But, yeah, nobody can hear about govcorpmafia when spoken plainly, so
you may be interpreting something very obvious as something obscure.

> In any case, you've got work to do.
> I suggest viewing a couple 100 hours of Jordan Peterson's works - you may
> find he is easy to listen to and follow, or that might be too much for you,
> but he covers a lot of topics, he's a professor, and his heart seems to be
> in the right place notwithstanding a few things you might disagree with.

I love you too, but 200 hours is a lot for something you've provided
no information on.

What did grab my attention was when you said there was a book
mentioning people in shielded rooms deep underground.  Lost that
e-mail somewhere.  Too busy messing with myself so others wouldn't
have to.

> If you want a more externally structured environment, may be consider
> setting aside a few days to attend a Landmark Education workshop (if/when
> they're running vis a vis Rona).  You might not be up for it, I don't know,
> but evidently there are avenues for exploration and strengthening within
> yourself.

Hi, Zenaan.  I don't know what this is either.

> Good luck,

Help me build this utopic community, wouldja?  I think there's a class
of people that just yearns to break them apart, so we have to keep
building so they have something to do.  I thought we'd fill this one
with insane hackers, see what happened, or wait is that a nightmare
not a dream.

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