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> On 2020-11-28 19:41, professor rat wrote:
>> ZENDY seems remarkably well informed ( probably lives in the smartest place on whatever continent he's domiciled in ) 
>> But I'm curious what his friends at the Daily Stormer think. Do they all agree with you Zenaan?
>> I've seen some oppose Israel and some support it, for example. 
>> Which camp are you in on that?
> Zeenan should not care.
> Jews should rule Israel, Christians should rule America, and Hindus
> should rule India, but if Jews don't, that is their problem, not ours.

I disagree with all three of these. Religion and government should be
separate, especially in the US where the Constitution specifically says
so. In general theocracies are problematic for world peace (which I'd
like to see happen in my lifetime). Of course, some corporations
(military contractors) profit more off of war than peace...

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