A superimposition of anarchism in a digital context!

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Thu Nov 26 13:38:24 PST 2020

Its encouraging there is increasing interest in linking historical anarchism ( 1840s vintage ) with crypto-anarchy.

Discouraging its taken so long since I've been working continuously from late 2001 on connecting these two.

But, overall, a rising anarchist tide lifts all anarchist boats. 

1848 -  Bakunin was deported to Belgium. But little more than two months afterward he returned, as the Citizen King fled in the opposite direction from the February Revolution. Bakunin walked over the border and reached Paris as soon as the disrupted railway system would allow him. He lodged among the working-class National Guard who occupied the barracks in the rue Tournon, and spent his days and a large part of his nights in a fever of excitement and activity.

I breathed through all my senses and through all my pores the intoxication of the revolutionary atmosphere [he recollected later in the forced tranquillity of a prison cell]. It was a holiday without beginning and without end. I saw everyone and I saw no one, for each individual was lost in the same innumerable and wandering crowd. I spoke to all I met without remembering either my own words or those of others, for my attention was absorbed at every step by new events and objects and by unexpected news. .."

Anyone who thinks ' Stiffs ' is a joke should tell " GAB " cos I posted a Stiffs page on the POTUS and they censored it. 

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