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professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Nov 18 15:03:17 PST 2020

I have heard two OG C-punks criticize Btc for its lack of privacy but one of them is dead now. 

Anyway, I think we can do better as cryptoanarchist revolutionaries.  A few years ago I began design 

work for a billion-node blockchain, each ' secure node' ( Chaumian term - yuk! ) containing 512 members.

Proof-of-life required to receive ' new coins' provided by a digitally signed and blinded release stating

recipient accepted the new APster justice system.  Individual nodes could be as " Brin' transparent or Dark as 

members want, so long as they observe Metcalfes and don't over-stress the network. Note how nodes can

be regularly halved. This can occur by consensus as quantum computing drives power to the node.

As for economics, I envisage starting with 5k value per year with rate loosely pegged to global GDP.

APster will provide estate-tax ( death tax ) backing and the scheme will bootstrap off global spending boost.

Btc is great - but its like Wittgenstein's ladder - we will have to kick it away at some stage.

And as cypherpunk anarchists we're now called on to take things to the next level. Viva la revolution.

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