USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Nov 18 14:19:48 PST 2020

US tries to find a path... and with footage from all sides, expect
documentary movies sometime next year. Walters and Trump: The 30
Year Story of Two Hot Lovers Playing Hard to Get ;)

While recounts, partisan refusals to certify on merit, court papers
being filed, homeless being paid $2 and a smoke in CA for ballot
harvesting sigs, memory sticks and boxes of ballots and thousands of
votes still magically [dis]appearing, videos inside counting houses
showing scenes that would make real opensource auditors cringe and
puke, fired and threatened employees, opposition candidates declaring
false elect and office status, lockdown czars caught out and without
masks, censorship, lawyers talking smack, and more... on all the usual
twitter links...

Alex Jones Infowars, Enrique Tarrio Proud Boys, and America First
are in Georgia State Capitol with BG on the scene...
In some places in this country, you can be jailed for having extra
people over for Thanksgiving But you can have more ballots/votes
than people and it’s okay. This is not the America in which I want to live.
Event: Big March planned for Georgia Senate Election
Atlanta GA State Capitol Saturday November 21 2020
I called elections officials in Georgia to ask whether the election night
numbers OR the recount numbers will be officially counted for the
election. Officials told me they will only certify election night numbers,
even if the numbers do not match.
Event: Massive March planned for Electoral College Vote
Washington DC Saturday December 12 2020
Two days before the Electoral College Delegation meets in DC we will
Unlike the last one in DC, this march has lots of lead time to
plan and should be much bigger, though weather may impede. Bye Bye Antifa In 2020, everyone, even
the Pres, drinks a bit of snakeoil, lol

Charity still works, so there's hope, and example of what could
be achieved together without the this mess of governments...

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