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And other noise...

After presenting 234 pages of sworn affidavits raising allegations of
fraud in Wayne County, Michigan voting, the Wayne County Board of
Canvassers has DECLINED to certify their portion of the Michigan vote.
Joining @seanhannity with more at 9:00 pm ET!
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🚨A THIRD Georgia County???🚨 “Votes added in recount”… via @waltontribune

This is true. Republicans got duped.…
“If you question bad vote totals from Detroit you’re a racist whose
grandchildren will live in shame” is a hell of a way to run an
Take note what happened tonight. 2 Republican officials in MI stood up
to the machine. Within minutes they were doxxed, threatened, and
CNN/Politico labeled them racists. Where does this behavior lead?
Because nothing says clean and transparent elections like...
pressuring officials to change their votes and certify the election
after the video stream mysteriously shuts off.…
Replying to @pnjaban
BigLaw represents every species of *alleged* corporate scumbag — and
yet many lawyers have the gall to point fingers and call out other
lawyers representing clients — in this case a client who won the votes
of over 72 million people. What would these lawyers do to YOUR lawyer?
UPDATE on Wayne County, Michigan via @jsolomonReports @JustTheNews.…
True, and Fox News is no longer providing air cover.…
FLASHBACK: Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica in 2017 estimated 1 MILLION
votes in the Venezuelan election were fraudulent. "...this would not
have occurred if the auditors of all political parties had been
present at every stage of the election."…
Name people who surrendered faster than the Wayne County Republicans
This is the lawyer who laundered Clinton campaign $ through his firm
to FusionGPS to hire a foreign spy (Steele) to spread disinformation
through media & FBI, so Obama's folks could illicitly smear & spy on
@realDonaldTrump. This is the "election integrity" lawyer for
I heard Antifa went after them.…
"Our votes were actually eventually counted in Barcelona, Spain or
Frankfurt, Germany. It's absolutely stunning." Foreign interference!
Important legal update from @SidneyPowell1 #MAGA
MICHIGAN — The Wayne County Board of Canvassers has unanimously voted
to certify the results of the election. The board also called on SOS
Jocelyn Benson to conduct an audit of the unexplained precincts in the
county that did not match.
If you care about free and fair elections, what happened in Detroit
tonight should enrage you. Your government failed you.
Who got to them???
I’d love to see some good lawyering which successfully subpoenas the
Wayne County Canvassers Board’s personal cell phones and phone
records. I like to see who called and texted them after they initially
decided they couldn’t certify the election results.
Our monitors tell us that Walton County election officials have found
a memory card that was apparently not uploaded. The number of
uncounted votes is not as large as in Floyd or Fayette but the
President will pick up votes.

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