HELP us fight globalized cyber surveillance and geolocation

Karl gmkarl at
Mon Nov 16 23:34:32 PST 2020

> "#$%&#$%&# $%&"

> The internet is a tool, and can be used for both good and evil. Using
> the internet does not necessarily have to imply a naked clearnet
> connection (i.e. no VPN, no anonymizing networks).

> doesn't mean all technology is automatically bad, and everything done
> with technology is automatically bad.

When I think of this, I'm not thinking of whether technology is good
or bad.  I am thinking of how easy it is for normal users to have
their devices compromised by those with the interests of suppression.
If you're working on something important, which hopefully everyone is,
you don't really want to be surveilled or secretly influenced by
people who wouldn't want it to develop.

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