US Protesters Storm Torch Police Buildings, Cops Flee, George Floyd Murdered in Minneapolis, Umbrella Men, Antifa

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat May 30 19:58:04 PDT 2020

Twitters reporting many protests peaceful until authorities showed up.
Go walk outside your local protest in world to see if fake news or not.

Spy blimps, choppers, satellites, sigint... secretly deployed in force...
Lhe US military is monitoring protests in at least seven states,
according to Defense Department documents obtained exclusively by The
Nation. The documents were originally stored on an unclassified server
but were subsequently “elevated” to a classified system.
Walz also reportedly said during a press conference that the NSA was
providing “intelligence support” and intercepted communications
regarding the riots.
“We’re a combat unit not trained for riot control or safely handling
civilians in this context. Soldiers up and down the ranks are scared
about hurting someone, and leaders are worried about soldiers’
suffering liability.”

Atlanta Mayor on wrecking random stuff... Go Home!

But vote though? For what exactly? Her? More police?
Bigger Government? Higher tax theft? More Power?
To force your will over harmless peoples?
Hasn't that and all that "change" proven as fail with every State's
fine, forfeit, jail, torture, murder and war for hundreds years?
Where are the regions on Earth where people are free to
develop and be in a new idea of freedom without Govt?
To do or try anything different than this single Global State
with its Knee of Death to all who try to pass off a copy of
one of its own fake $20's?
What Gulch shall ever be freed to just live?
You can't even "vote" anywhere in world for your own
independence, secession... they shoot you for that.
Seems you got tricked into and done did too much
of that voting for them biz and now you're screwed.

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