Shame on trolls

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Tue May 26 11:38:47 PDT 2020

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Subject: Shame on trolls

>Dear readers,
>My intention is to respond to a public attack against my honesty and the legitimacy of my proposal.

>I am pretty annoyed for the behavior of this individual in the list towards the system I am presenting here.

>I don't know anything about him or her or whether they are a group of gansters operating the same moniker.
>The only thing I know is that they are pushing my project USPS is a SCAM and thus I am a SCAMMER, or the other way around.

>I call to everyone willing to read the landing page of my project, which I provide a pdf attached, 
>and, from it and the ideas grasped in this list, manifest IF it could be deduced that this is a scam, or looks like. Please manifest.

>Otherwise, everyone undermining legitimate and respectable projects run by others, in any stage of development, on any stage in their roadmap, with counter positive and public undermining attitude.
>Those should be IMHO punished with public ashame until an apology is published by, in this case, PunkStasi. 

>I leave it this way, 
>Please, anyone, let me know reasons for which this email is WRONG or/and RIGHT.
>Other Arkitech

>The project this subject airs as a scam: http://otheravu4v6pitvw.onion/

Punk simply speaks his mind. His attitude is certainly combative, but I would say that, in this age of hysteria over such nonsense as "cyberbullying" and "online harassment" and "mean words transmitted over the Internet", his attitude is a long-overdue antidote.

I would not consider him a troll, unless you define "trolling" as "any unkind comment made over the Internet", which is not the correct definition of the term.

If you feel wronged by him, then take it up with him, and prove him wrong; don't make appeals to the rest of us.

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