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grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> > 	Crytocurrencies require a log of ALL TRANSACTIONS, not just the so called
> > utxo set...	
> If one can form a consensus over one set of data, peoples
> favorite bloated log, which is in effect one big pile of state,
> then one can perhaps form a consensus over any other set
> from it, eventually among other possiblities, mining deltas
> to move a UTXO state db forward, potential db distribution
> and update mechanisms, etc... all under some form of
> consensus, facts of formal verification, etc.
> To claim Satoshi Genesis Blockchain whitepaper is only
> way to do things, 

	It seems to be the only way to do things as far as current 'cryptocurrencies' are concerned. I obviously don't know a better a way, and nobody seems to know such a way either, but I don't claim that a better way is impossible. Just that it doesn't exist today. 

> that there are no other ways to be found,
> or proofs proving no others, is really quite ridiculous in
> such early days of research where no one knows much
> about what is or isn't possible. All possible within physics.

	...what do you think your reference to 'physics' means, exactly? 

	anyway, so far cryptographic 'coins' are not coins at all. They are just global accounting systems. An actual coin is an object that stands by itself and doesn't require the arpanet to exist. 

> People with head locked in sand will never find them.

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