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grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> >> so where are the 'second generation coins'...?
> Instead of being special asshole you can go search
> and post some, 

	no, you're the official google-jewtube spammer, posting 10s of useless links per day. So where are these systems that don't need a 'bloated blockchain'?

	I mean, are you drunk? You think people use bitcoin because they like to suffer? If 'bloated blockchains' are not needed, then WHERE THE FUCK are the 'coins' that don't use them? 

	Are you aware that the only other half decent coin out there, monero, is at least 10 times as bloated as bitcoin (or would be, if it were used as much)

> Immutability of value held in UTXO does not
> necessarily depend on having any sort of rollable
> tx log from genesis. That is indoctrinated ridgid
> thinking imparted by old school first gen BTC.

	Show the functional description and implementations of those '2nd generation' coins, or shut the fuck up. 

> 1) That final entry, that UTXO, is all one needs.

	and how do you compute the UTXO genius? Oh, wait...

> 2) And note very clearly that cash/etc even goes
> further by its final UTXO not having any "inputs" record
> at all... 

	yeah, I think I extensively pointed out to you that metals and even govt paper are  better than  'cryptocurrencies'. I guess I should be happy that you finally got the point...

> cash is a private ideal state of self existance
> without reference to or dependence on anything else.
> Any "cryptocurrency" project that does not implement
> one of those two forms of UTXO, the second being
> the highest form, is not absolutely not worthy of calling
> itself a cryptocurrency version of cash/metal/chickens.

	go figure. So what's theoretical foundation for 'cryptocurrencies' that actually work? Oops, there's none. 

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