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Sat May 23 20:28:12 PDT 2020

>> so where are the 'second generation coins'...?

Instead of being special asshole you can go search
and post some, make wiki compendium, or go create
some new generation.

> history record... blockchain... immutable

Immutability of value held in UTXO does not
necessarily depend on having any sort of rollable
tx log from genesis. That is indoctrinated ridgid
thinking imparted by old school first gen BTC.

If however way one does reach and accept consensus
over any set of facts, then all that led up to everyone's
knowledge of that or their own particular state in time
is irrelevant and can be discarded.

Yes there are many use cases for "blockchain" tech
where history preservation, view keys, nonprivacy,
industry, application integration, messaging, inventory,
voting, and all sorts of other memes may be useful.
The blockchain space is flooded with thousands
of examples of those projects.

But for cash/metal/chickens/etc, which in all of
history rightly has none of those memes... those
use cases are not relavant, and impede optimal
solutions to a minimalist pure digital cash. All one
ultimately needs to know is did their own nominal value
increase/decrease in relation to another's
by some mutually trusted mechanism [1],
be it hand to hand, or over digital distance.
1) That final entry, that UTXO, is all one needs.
2) And note very clearly that cash/etc even goes
further by its final UTXO not having any "inputs" record
at all... cash is a private ideal state of self existance
without reference to or dependence on anything else.

Any "cryptocurrency" project that does not implement
one of those two forms of UTXO, the second being
the highest form, is not absolutely not worthy of calling
itself a cryptocurrency version of cash/metal/chickens.
Instead, it is a crypto  intended to do a bunch of
random other bloated appfeature shit, that in some cases
might happen to have some tokenizable transferable value,
these days usually back to its GovCorp stock/stake holders.

[1] Including principles of known issuance,
nominal values and the transaction network both
within cost bounds of attack immunity, a network
capable of holding and/or honoring the consensus
over the UTXO state db it produces, etc, etc.

Far too many projects are simply blindly following the
"Satoshi" "Genesis -> blockchain stored forever" model,
they're assuming that's the only way the problems can be solved.
What most are not doing is enough research into discovering
other ways, or into proving that there is no other way.
Too little looking "beyond the now traditional blockchain".

This ongoing fundamental science research,
the calls for and support for it under recognition that
today's technology is very first gen and nowhere
near being a complete field of work, are what appears
to not being done enough.
Or in case it is being done, it's being drowned out in noise
from all the first gen Satoshi model self maximilism projects
trying to dominate the scene. That's nature, but will be
quite fun when further novel research catches and
embarrasses them all out of the scene for good.

That's another reason why cross-chain DEX
(distributed, anonymous, noncustodial, atomic, etc)
must be an absolute research development priority now today...
like the need to escape trap of GovCorp, you don't want to
be trapped in legacy coin models for 10, 100's, 1000's years.
Cross-chain DEX is the freedom oriented path out of those.

> Bitcoin_Satoshi_Vision-BSV ... for information preservation

That and all the rest of the Satoshi models do not then have the
minimal set of properties cash does, therefore they are something
different from cash, a message/storage/token net whatever, they are not
a minimal cash. They are clearly lacking its privacy, non-bloat-storage,
scaleability properties, among others.
BSV Craig Wright has even voiced and brought some things
into BSV and coinspace theory and talk that many people including
cryptoanarchists might find highly undesireable, and that Satoshi
never spoke. From patents, to attitude, to police state, regulation,
and more. All feel differently on BSV.
It's still a satoshi type coin, and like all launched coins is already
baked, can't evolve much or quickly, regardless if people
want them to or not.

Hardly such thing as a single cryptocurrency one can like,
only a set of evolving technologies, capabilities, simplicities.

Cryptocurrency technology still obviously very early days,
no coin considered sacred or special or guaranteed to
last to even 20 years out. Therefore...

The self maximalist single-coin insanity cults out there... must end.
The shilling of pointless shitcoins, getrichcoins, clonecoins,
metoocoins, scamcoins, partnercoins, foundercoins, corpcoins,
bankcoins, govcoins, governedcoins, taxedcoins, kyccoins,
votercoins, votedcoins, stablecoins, waroncashcoins, antiprivacycoins,
censorcoins, closedcoins, cabalcoins, preminedcoins, centralcoins...
all fiatcoins in general... must end.
Blocksize debate... is a random configuration setting, not a
meaningful fundamental underlying wholesale part, class,
or sector of cryptocurrency technology development... must end.

Less of those, more conferences on some fundamentals...
OG cryptoanarchy cryptocurrency philosophy and movement, privacy, etc.
General ongoing cryptocurrency tech research advancement.
Use a variety of whatever is available now, but must develop
and adopt good cross-coin DEX tech to shift between in future.

Hardly any are trying to do a real featureless cash-only privacy coin,
or a true DEX. Only selfless altruists will forgo embedding their
premine, ongoing skim, and governance... and try incorporating
resistance tech. Those the crypto projects to look at. The rest fiat
scams. Unfortunately today they probably number n<=10:2500,
if you can find post or create them, indeed.

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