Well, this is mildly interesting. (OSC phones)

Douglas Lucas dal at riseup.net
Fri May 22 09:57:06 PDT 2020

The US federal Office of Special Counsel -- where formal whistleblower
complaints go -- "is experiencing intermittent problems with our phone
lines and voicemail system" https://osc.gov/Pages/Contact.aspx (accessed
22 May '20) I just got someone there by phone ~2 hours ago, trying to
get the FOIA public liaison officer. Weird. Any other agencies saying
this? On quick check, NASA & FCC aren't.

KIRK: Do they tie in?
SPOCK: I don't know.
KIRK: Speculate.
SPOCK: I have already given Doctor McCoy sufficient cause for amusement.
I'd prefer to cogitate the possibilities for a time.
KIRK: A short time, Mister Spock. We have very little.

Could be something routine, or could be interference, or could be -- lol
-- their phone lines are tied up with so many whistleblower(?) calls.
One would hope. Though somebody might have just tripped over a cord.

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