PSR/panel self refresh + partial-frame updates + DP2 'standard' = arduino driven 16k :)

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Fri May 8 20:21:35 PDT 2020

So here's a looming God-tier level up for an aspiring legend in the making:

Checking out the "iCEBreaker FPGA" arduino-class board via Crowd Supply (below) and in particular the HDMI Output Mod:

   "The iCE40UP5k FPGA on the iCEBreaker is fast enough to output 720p video! Based on the amazing Pmod design by Kevin Hubbard from Black Mesa Labs, we developed a new HDMI Pmod."

we can't help thinking of our precious, precious resolution!  Yes my precious screen real estate, yesssss :)

In particular eDP (embedded display port) includes Panel Self Refresh (PSR), and eDP version 1.4 includes "it reduces power consumption through partial-frame updates in PSR mode":

there is absolutely no reason we cannot have arduinos and iCEBreakers powering 16k panels FTFW.  Yeah baby!

One immediate and oh-so-satisfying use for such a setup is a "mega universal performance status monitor", where a large 8k or 16k display monitors 1000s of mini graphs and stats for your cluster/ VMs/ disk arrays/ networks phys and virt, VLC aural density fourier, CPUs, memory etc etc.

If your little computer board can only physically transmit say 49% of the pixels on the display in one second, then a full refresh of all monitored perf stats would take -exactly- 2 seconds; and more the point, a nice tiled/staggered/cycling update effect would be observed over each 2s period, with each subset of updates transmitted at the pace the little board can handle (then 'immediately' displayed by the "PSR + partial-frame update" panel) before the next block of updates is transmitted.

AND, even in any low resolution such as 'merely' 4k, FullHD or lower, using PSR + "partial-frame updates" is an ideal solution for public signage, text based UIs (TUI), and of course the "mega universal status monitor" above, and where additionally, power use is reduced to an absolute minimum (scenario dependent) where updates are very rare - e.g. public signage where an update or transition might occur only every 10s.

See also:

   USB4 Will Usher in Support for 8K, 16K Displays:

   USB4 Will Offer DisplayPort 2.0 Alt Mode With Support for 16K Displays:

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