IQNets - low b/w end user nodes - maximise 'user experience'

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sat May 9 16:54:32 PDT 2020

>  - ("atomic ccdex" fmradio link I did not include, this proj is about overlay nets not DCs, and for now I have no idea what ccdex means, so perhaps if someone comments that it's somehow quite relevant to the implementation of an overlay net, it can get added in),

CCDEX must relate to DEX, distributed/decentralized exchange for digital currencies, so may be CCDEX is just "Crypto Currency Decentralized EXchange" - but then why use CCDEX when we already have the term "DEX" .. not sure.

Anyway, incentivization may well involve DCs - in present average human consciousness, money seems a motivation turbocharger.

Any DC that is not inherently 'fair' in its basic operation will be eclipsed by a "more fair" DC.

Some will wish to avoid the "pollution" of financial motivation in their street nets/N2N phys buildouts etc, and that too is just fine.

In any case, DCs in the context of IQNets falls under incentivization of some sort.

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