Coronavirus: Thread

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at
Sat May 2 20:28:15 PDT 2020

> Dr Death coming everywhere for you all, aieeeeeee, haha :)

Yes, the only certainty in the life is our final meeting with the death.
It's just a peaceful rest, my lovely pumpkin.

I don't fear my own death, only the death of my loved ones.  It's painful
never hug or listen the laugh of a friend again.

Well, Doctor Death would probably be a good boyfriend for me.  He is very
patient and also likes comfortable clothes, blades, beaches and sea, ice
cream, traveling, and seems to laugh a lot!  I love guys with a good sense
of humor, even being a bit morbid sometimes, hahaha!!!  :D

Good night and sweet dreams, my dear pumpkin.  I do need to sleep,
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