Coronavirus: Thread

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Mon May 4 04:07:11 PDT 2020

Sex considered essential

For the next N hours, nobody sneeze, cough, barf, talk, or breathe, lol

DHS report: China hid virus severity to hoard supplies

Economics 101: When production rate and stock levels
of a thing are insufficient to meet demand, some will have,
unprepared rest will have not. This is fact of physics,
there are no Star Trek replicators, no way to make 100
potatoes feed 10000 people. Under such physical constraints,
open market price discovery is fairest agnostic way to allocate,
including buying to give on whatever moral charity or grounds
each buyer desires, as there appears no consensus as to
other means. Physics is a cruel bitch.

Sharansky to use Genesis Prize proceeds to fight coronavirus
Donor gives employees at hospital $1 million for bonuses

NASA bioweapons war docs at end of random truthers vid

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio recruiting stasi spies...

To do his bidding... beat people up smash peoples livelihood ruin little kids be thugs silence critics infect humans steal peoples stuff
Among others... israel argentina ireland russia china china

Perhaps the best one to make choices to protect you,
is yourself. As the meme, "stay the fuck at home" if
you aren't sick and don't want to be, and don't be
a dick spreading shit if you are, and consign
remaining unknowable variables to course of nature.

Virus thuglife

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