The Wuhan Flu can't be a bioweapon

Ryan Carboni ryacko at
Fri Mar 27 13:26:14 PDT 2020

The Wuhan Flu can't be a bioweapon, it would be too absurd and stupid
for anyone to weaponize a contagious disease when warfare itself is a
dissolution of borders where nothing can be contained and everyone can
potentially be impacted equally.

As a private citizen, I think it absurd that Wuhan, the provincial
capital of Hubei, can't be mentioned when their own fellow Chinese in
Jiangxi distrust the Hubei police in regulating the flow of people
between provinces. To quote Thomas Jefferson: "To give praise which is
not due might be well from the venal, but would ill beseem those who
are asserting the rights of human nature."

I do not think that leadership involves much ability, it is mostly
cutting checks and telling people to do the obvious. I do believe in
free speech, wherever, including in the bedrooms, but ill-mannered
statements on certain topics should be a disqualifier for being in
certain positions of trust, or at least require checks against
potentially harmful decisions. It is unclear why genuine and valid
criticisms of authority has become so scarce.

I seriously hate you all, but not in that way, and hope everyone can
mutually respect each other.

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