opportunities/ plan of action, for Trump

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Fri Mar 27 05:07:41 PDT 2020

Never let a good crisis go to waste, and with Trump's nationalist and patriotic agenda at issue, a common sense 5 point action plan:

 1. Reinstitute the generals Obama sacked (modulo those willing, of course).

 2. Investigate actions to date of those appointed by Obama.

 3. "COVID-19 inspired" Martial Law on the US/Mexico border - guarantee re-election :D

 4. Extradite all foreigners with criminal records - further guarantee re-election

 5. What to do about the sky-high US dollar?  PRIME opportunity to urgently re-industrialize the USA - with a sky high US dollar, NOW is the time to purchase (/structurally motivate/ incentivize) an abundance of manufacturing and industrial equipment from nations producing such items (e.g. Germany, Russia).

    Also, with the Aussie dollar around record lows, now's a great time for the USA to stock up on Aussie raw materials and do economic deals with your actually literal greatest ally!

    And then at some time in the future when the AUD is again strong, it'll be our turn to re-industrialize.

"How can this possibly be useful?" asks the anarchist.  Well,:

 - we are presently in a regime of socialist corporatist governments; a "politically viable" (i.e. in the minds of sufficient numbers of people) alternative is (sadly) not presently apparent

 - nationalism is better than globalism

 - entanglement with China is unwise, to extremely unwise

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