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On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 04:01:37PM -0300, Punk-Stasi 2.0 wrote:
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> > Oh, my holy FSM, how I wish it was January again and all we had to worry
> > about was only a nuclear war...  :((
> 	well now we have to worry about worldwide martial law...partly thanks to ignorant cowardly fucktards who believe what their masters tell them to believe. There are quite a few in this fine mailing list. 
> 	on the other hand, we can take a look at japan's case where the flu allegedly killed 30 people, most of them older than 90. 
> 	"Can the government order city lockdowns to deal with the coronavirus outbreak?
> 	...the short answer is no"
> 	"Has a city lockdown ever been employed in postwar Japan?
> 	Nagai said he is not aware of any such instance."
> 	"Can the government close or curtail public transport to deal with the outbreak?
> 	Transport ministry officials in charge of trains and buses said it can’t"
> 	"Can the government force public and private schools to be closed?
> 	No."
> 	"Can the government order private events to be canceled or postponed?
> 	Lawyer Nagai says such a step would be inconceivable as that would be a direct violation of the free choice of employment as is defined by the Constitution""
> 	"The “state of emergency” declaration issued Friday by Hokkaido Gov. Naomichi Suzuki, for example, requested that residents stay indoors as much as possible this weekend but is not legally binding" 
> 	et cetera 

Sure glad I'm not living in China right now .. totalitarianism just a wee bit worse than what we have here in Australia at least:

  Famed Dissident: China Welding People Shut in Their Homes to Fight Coronavirus

    Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, a blind scholar and Nobel Peace Prize nominee who escaped from house arrest and found asylum with the United States in 2012, wrote about China’s authoritarian response to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak at the Washington Post last week.

    One of the charges he leveled in the article is that people suspected of infection in Wuhan are being welded into their homes by the authorities, their doors and windows sealed with metal bars so they cannot escape.

Sometimes, walls are good.  With an extreme of "no walls, no distinctions, mega equality of each and all", we are bound to set aside conscience and discernment (that which we used to name discrimination).

In this world of humans, "we" humans shall forever be learning - re-learning history, re-learning about cause and reaction, actions and consequences, comfort and totalitarian dictatorships.

'Tis the way of things.

Corona-hysteria and global lock down is one hell of a powerful demonstration of globabl power, 'at's fer Surely!

Might as well continue to do one's best to stay ahead of the curve, be prepared, care for loved ones.

May y'all sleep well in troubled times.

If this be the global financial reset (and I can't imagine letting a global state of emergency such as it is, go to waste), I is mighty pleased to see it done with nary a bullet fired.  That be (though arguably) a good thing.

(FTR, right now with Munchkin's, I mean Manukin's, $4 trillion money scramble handout, a little trough feeding is gonna happen first - though one can imagine this will only take a few weeks; then we'll likely see national "Level 5" lockdowns (no leaving home except for food and medical emergencies, possibly not even that) for a few days, perhaps a week, officially "as a tough precautionary measure", as our traitorous "leaders" sign up our respective nations into a new era of debt creation and short term $$ stability - "it has to be done", "we have no choice", "these are tough decisions in difficult times", "it's for the good of us all" (in particular, for the Rothschilds).)

At least we're returning to a little more sane walls - nationalism and its natural virulogical benefits.  'Dis n.gger be quite impressed.  Impressed with the potential results, impressed with the "stably escalating" lock down, impressed with the stable and increadibly broad compliance - TPTB have such impressive global compliance on this one, there is no need to pull the metaphorical trigger (e.g. cut electricity, fuel and/or food) and deliver a lesson to the global sheeple "infidel", as we well know where a lack of food rapidly descends.

So, I am grateful.

Within most likely weeks, a new regime shall present itself, so now is a great time to contemplate and consider how best to create our shared world in the (soon to be) new regime.


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