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> Oh, my holy FSM, how I wish it was January again and all we had to worry
> about was only a nuclear war...  :((

	well now we have to worry about worldwide martial law...partly thanks to ignorant cowardly fucktards who believe what their masters tell them to believe. There are quite a few in this fine mailing list. 

	on the other hand, we can take a look at japan's case where the flu allegedly killed 30 people, most of them older than 90.

	"Can the government order city lockdowns to deal with the coronavirus outbreak?
	...the short answer is no"

	"Has a city lockdown ever been employed in postwar Japan?
	Nagai said he is not aware of any such instance."

	"Can the government close or curtail public transport to deal with the outbreak?
	Transport ministry officials in charge of trains and buses said it can’t"

	"Can the government force public and private schools to be closed?

	"Can the government order private events to be canceled or postponed?
	Lawyer Nagai says such a step would be inconceivable as that would be a direct violation of the free choice of employment as is defined by the Constitution""

	"The “state of emergency” declaration issued Friday by Hokkaido Gov. Naomichi Suzuki, for example, requested that residents stay indoors as much as possible this weekend but is not legally binding" 

	et cetera 

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