Confessions Of A Bikini Waxer: The Dirty Truth

John Young jya at
Thu Mar 19 06:30:55 PDT 2020

How many vaginas do you see a day?
About 10 a day.

Are all vaginas different?
Actually, they're mostly the same. I've only seen a handful of very 
different-looking ones.

How many people get their asshole waxed?
The majority. The odd one might say, 'Oh no, that doesn't bother me' 
but most people get it done.

What's the one thing you wish people would do before they come for a wax?
I just wish everyone prepared. Going to the toilet before they come 
into the room, and cleaning themselves. I go over the area with a 
cleanser anyway, but I think it is the client's responsibility. If 
you're coming from work, or whatever, then just wiping yourself down 
makes a big difference for me.  

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